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Bullet Proof Your Business Before Someone Else Takes It Away From You
Compliance and Risk Analysis can be confusing, time-consuming and an expensive endeavor for small business owners. Most small businesses simply cannot afford lawyers, and only are forced to hire them when things go drastically wrong. 

Consequently, this means most small business owners are operating blindly to the risks they face and, like a ticking time bomb, could face significant exposure to lawsuits and regulatory actions and fines that could put them out of business.

That's why I  created Legalcheck™.
It is an affordable, comprehensive, fully automated compliance and risk assessment tool tailor-made for the small business owner. 

In minutes, you can complete your assessment at a fraction of the cost and time of hiring an attorney. Can you imagine how great it would feel to finally have immediate access to the critical information you need to address those problem areas efficiently and effectively?
Among the most compelling data in a 2017 survey by the National Small Business Association , we learned that the average small-business owner is spending at least $12,000 every year on regulations, and nearly one-in-three spends more than 80 hours each year dealing with federal regulation. 

Elliott Balbert

David is an excellent attorney with superb people skills along with the ability to deliver "customer" answers to complex issues. That is all a nice way of saying that he possesses his own unique business attributes to manage legal issues which I personally find rare in most legal counsel.

Whether You're Starting a Business, Growing it, Maintaining it for your children or Trying to Sell It, Legalcheck™ Is Appropriate For All Stages of the Business Life Cycle

LEGAL CHECK is an invaluable tool that could save you thousands of dollars
According to the National Small Business Association, while the overwhelming majority of small firms have NOT been fined for regulatory noncompliance, those that have faced significant fines—the average cost of citations over five years was $30,651.

12 percent of small-business owners say they don’t even know the source of regulations impacting their business (local, state or federal). 

Nearly half of all small businesses said that regulations related to taxation and health care/health insurance are very burdensome
Astoundingly, 14 percent of small-business owners report they spend more than 20 hours per month on federal regulations.

Did you know that the average regulatory start-up costs are over $83,000? The majority of small firms rely on business associations and media news for news on regulations that may impact their firms. 

Small Business Praise for
Hear what others have experienced by using including ease of use, easy to follow content and easy to navigate online portal. 
Let us help you create a plan of action to get you on the path to achieving your compliance requirements in record time.
Hone in on the information that matters

Think of Legalcheck™, like your online "health check" for your business, in an easy to understand format. 

Identify Your blindspots and move past them

With Legalcheck™, you can clearly understand the areas to focus on in your business to remain compliant.

Discover the exact blueprint to remain compliant
Leverage over 21 years of legal expertise to help you identify the most frequent mistakes small business owners make.
David's expertise in this field helping countless businesses was the catalyst for creating LEGAL CHECK. His track record is unique in his field: 
  • Providing legal services to hundreds of small businesses like yours as well as Fortune 500 companies.
  • Licensed to practice law in Virginia, the District of Columbia, California and Colorado

  • Extensive expertise navigating the evolving complexities of social media, the Internet and intellectual property
  • Has covered leading cases in the convergence of technology and entertainment industries
  • CIPP-E Certified Privacy Professional
Behind The Scenes Look At Our Proprietary Assessment Tool 
Currently available in California and Colorado only.  If you would like to request MyLegalCheck for your state, please send us an email:  [email protected]
Most People Finish the Assessment in well under an hour!
You can see how with a quick series of clicks through the assessment, you will be provided a detailed report outlining the questions and responses where potential problems have been identified. 
You will have 90 days access to complete your Assessment from the date of purchase. 
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